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When I was a kid, I used to tan so easily. I never burned. Then one day in 5th grade, after being lectured about wearing sunscreen, I whacked on a bunch of SPF lotion before going on an outdoor field trip. I broke out in painful red bumps all over my arms and legs and I got a raging sunburn on top of it.

My skin was ruined. The doctor told me that I would be sensitive to the sun from now on. Unfortunately, he was right. I will curse those chemical sunscreen lotion manufacturers until the day I die.

This tip is for all you folks out there with sun-sensitive skin like me. Next time you get a sunburn, get a few bags of cheap black tea (Lipton or Red Rose works great) and soak them in warm water. Take a short, cool shower. Lightly dry off and then dab the tea bags all over your sunburn. Lie on the bed and let it dry. Then dab more tea on. Let it dry again.

NOTE: if your tea bag starts to disintegrate, use a cotton ball soaked in tea. Then put on an old t-shirt that you don’t mind ruining with tea stains and rest in a dark, cool place or go to sleep.

Next morning, you will be amazed. Your sunburn won’t hurt at all and you won’t peel. Don’t put any lotion on for a few days, until your sunburn has turned to a tan and isn’t red or pink anymore. Lotion actually traps heat closer to your skin and you don’t want that.

The next day, you can use cotton balls or a cotton pad to apply more tea to your skin. It’s okay to use the leftover tea from the night before. Just make sure that you let your skin dry before you put on clothes.

I learned this tip from Sunny, the trainer at my CPR/First Aid class. I couldn’t believe it. Tea? Really? But the week after taking the class, I got too much sun on my face. I tried her homemade tea remedy. It worked like a dream. A month later, my back got sunburned (stupid mistake during an outdoor picnic) and I tried the tea treatment again. AMAZING. A month later and my back is still tan with no peeling. Thanks, Sunny!

HAT TIP: My face got burnt because I forgot to wear my hat. I’ve had this Rolled Brim Hat by Solumbra for years. You can fold it, roll it up and take it with you anywhere. When it gets dirty, toss it in the laundry and hang it up to dry. It costs more than your average hat but it will last a lifetime; thus following the Super Frug philosophy of quality over quantity.

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    • Very interesting idea for a DIY deodorant, Noell. I’d try it except I don’t want to have to keep my deodorant in the fridge. Can you imagine how cold it would be on your skin in the morning? Eeek!

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