The Housecleaning Workout

BroomsI’ve joined three different gyms in my 41 years on this earth and each time I wondered, why am I paying to exercise?

Still, those three times in my life were the three most physically healthy times in my life.

You see, when I pay for something, I want to get the most out of it. So, when I had a gym membership, I actually used the gym. Not a lot, mind you, but a decent amount.

Most weeks, I would work out on a cardio machine, use the weight machines and/or take a yoga class two or three times a week. I made myself exercise and stretch and sweat, and guess what? I got into shape!

But, I still couldn’t get over the fact that I was paying to exercise. And I just didn’t like the gym culture. Some people love it. They love to work out with other people. They like to have a community of exercisers around them. It motivates them. But despite the beautiful, buff bodies around me to inspire me or give me some eye candy, I just was not comfortable. It did not inspire me. It did not motivate me. I was just trying to get the most from paying for my membership.

I haven’t been to a gym for about two years now and I can definitely see it and feel it. I’ve gained about 7-8 pounds, my clothes are tighter, I feel more sluggish and less flexible, and I just don’t look very fit. * Sigh. *

I keep thinking, maybe I need to join a gym again? But each time I debate it in my mind, I come up with the same answer: NO.

So, what’s an out-of-shape Super Fruger to do?

I’ve tried working out with free weights at home. That lasts about a week.

I also tried riding a stationary bike for six months. It was great except I kept having lower back and neck pain. Out went the bike.

I do love taking walks every day. And I do take qigong classes every week and love them. But what about the strength training?

Well, I think I came up with an answer yesterday as I was scrubbing the kitchen floor, crouched down on my haunches. This was probably the first time in three years that I have done this (usually, Marcus just vacuums the floor). Let me tell you, when I got up after 30 minutes of scrubbing, my legs were sore. My shoulders and arms were sore.

I thought, that was a workout! Then I thought, why don’t I do this every week?

With that in mind, here’s my new exercise routine for May.

  • Every day, I will take a 45-60 minute walk.
  • Twice a week, I will attend my qigong classes.
  • Once a week, I will clean our two bathrooms (toilets, sinks, tub and floor).
  • Once a week, I will scrub the kitchen floor or the dining room floor.
  • Once a week, I will sweep out the front entryway and the front walk.

Maybe some of you are thinking, I do all this already. Congrats, little Miss or Mister Housecleaner. Don’t rain on my parade.

I’m going to try the “Housecleaning Exercise Workout” for one month. I will put my all into it and try to work up a sweat when I’m scrubbing.

Rubber gloves on. Here I go!

UPDATE: I tried this for a month and sorry to say, it did not work. I do love taking my walks almost every day and going to qigong class twice a week. But do I like cleaning the bathrooms and floors every week? No! Have I swept the front walk? Again, no! Alas, on to brainstorming more ways to get exercise.

Brooms photo is by jam343.

2 thoughts on “The Housecleaning Workout

  1. Haha. I’m totally with you on being uncomfortable at the gym and I was a personal trainer at one point!! Awesome, right? I only did it for a while privately but it was a hassle and it didn’t last long.
    Heck yeah cleaning house can be a workout though! Sometimes after you clean you realize you used things you forgot you had! 🙂

  2. Wow! You were a personal trainer and you were uncomfortable at the gym too? Thank you for telling me that, Jo Ann. I so appreciate it. I know what you mean about realizing you used parts of your body that you forgot you had. My kitchen floor is calling to me right now but my thigh muscles are saying no, no, no!

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